Air Balloon

The Joy of flying
Hot air balloon flights are like no other adventure! The emotions are overwhelming, the scenery seen from up high is enchanting. You are surrounded by complete silence. The balloon floats very smoothly, you don’t feel the wind because you fly together with it as vineyards and orchards slowly pass by beneath the basket. The balloon reaches the altitude of 50 m and more. On lower altitudes, passengers can even speak with people on the ground. And as we climb higher, stunning views over the valley and snow-covered summits of the Great Caucasus unfold before your eyes…
  • Alazani Valley Alazani Valley is a place of unique beauty as well as Georgia’s prime wine-making region, and the crossroad of all tourist routes. It stretches for over 100 km along the southern slope of the Great Caucasus range. The mountains reach for the sky and seem to touch it with their mighty snow peaks.
  • Mukhrani Valley This scenic valley, where most of our VIP flights take place, lies just outside Tbilisi, near Mtskheta, the old Georgian capital. Mukhrani enjoys 260 sunny days per year, offers plenty of landing sites and a wide network of country roads providing perfect conditions for hot air balloon rides. Like almost everything in Georgia, the valley is surrounded by scenic hills and offers stunning views over the Caucasus mountains
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