Ancient Vardzia

The cave cities of Georgia are among the most ancient in the world. Vardzia is the most grandiose – a monastery, several cave complexes, a fortress, temples.

Queen Tamara completed the work of her father George III and breathed life into this city. It is interesting to explore the richest history of this place, while traveling on accessible corners of the 13-level complex. Even now there is a functioning monastery on the territory of Vardzia, in addition to which there are active temples with frescoes. There are 15 churches in Vardzia, the largest of them are Ananuri and church of the Dormition.

Despite the scale and impressions that guests receive here, it is worth noting that modern Vardzia is only a modest part of what it has been originally. The earthquake in 1283 almost destroyed the cave city. The whole front side of the city collapsed: walls, galleries and staircases. That’s why the original layout of the complex is still unknown.

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