Walking along Tbilisi

Do you want to see Tbilisi as it is known and loved by people who live in Tbilisi? One-day walking tour with Be My Guest is perfect for this.

We’ll get acquainted with the statue of Mother Georgia, that protects the capital, and with the history of the city. Cable car will take us straight to the Sololaki ridge, where you can enjoy a fascinating view of Tbilisi. From there we will walk down to the sulfur baths and learn the story of the birth and secrets of the city. We will see the ancient and magnificent temples and Georgian «Pisa» tower, which is a part of Rezo Gabriadze’s puppet theater. All these sights and recalcitrant Kura river are peacefully neighboring each other.

Tbilisi stands firmly on its shrines. We will have time to show the ancient churches and tell how all the major religions of the world and the temple of fire worshipers are getting along on one street.

We’ll definitely visit the most cheerful and incendiary area of Shardeni, where the night life of the city is concentrated. During the day the night life hides behind the signboards of pretty cafes and hookahs. Then we’ll show you a street with excellent wine, cheese and souvenir shops, and say goodbye.

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