Master Classes

Master classes

Making jewelry with enamel according to old Georgian technology, baking khachapuri, photosession in the mountains or sketching at dawn – in Georgia you can do anything you like. Georgians are very creative people and like to make something with their own hands or just to sing and dance.

Georgia has always been famous for its jewelry craftsmanship, metal engraving, gunsmithing and ceramics. The first samples of ceramic ware appeared on the territory of Georgia in the 7th millennium BC. In the IV-III millennium BC. Georgians made the first metal products. Georgian jewelers perfectly mastered the art of filigree, stamping, casting since ancient times. Today they are ready to share some secrets with the guests.

You’ll learn:

  •         Minankari – Georgian cloisonne enamel;
  •         Baking Georgian bread puri and making churchkhela;
  •         Master class of cooking khinkali;
  •         Master class of painting;
  •         Master-class on landscape, reportage or porter photography;
  •         Drawing on glass;
  •         Georgian dance;
  •         Home winemaking;
  •         Georgian engraving on metal;
  •         Georgian ceramics.

You just have to choose Georgia!

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