Gastronomic tour

Georgian cuisine can be called one of the greatest in the world. In a small area there is an amazing culinary variety, that makes an integral picture of the national cuisine. This is possible due to the mild climate and different natural areas, which give an amazing variety of tasty vegetables and fruits, and the wooded mountains are excellent pastures for mountain sheep and cows.

Each region of Georgia is famous for its cuisine. Kakheti is considered the wine and meat center of the country and the motherland of barbecue (shashlik, shish kebab) and churchkhela. Mountain regions in the west are famous for their khinkali and mutton. In the West in Samegrelo bread is preferred to corn tortillas mchadi and chvishtari with cheese inside. Here is the most piquant cuisine due to hot peppers, homemade sauce adjika and different spices. Here also are more than five varieties of khachapuri, and literally all restaurants and cafes in Georgia compete for the title of «best khinkali».

Our program will help not only to get acquainted with the particular qualities of national cuisine in different regions, but also learn how to make Georgian culinary hits. You’ll also see amazing places, the reflection of which is the cuisine.

We will begin our journey from a walk through Tbilisi which lays along both banks of Mtkvari river (or Kura). We will go by cable car to the ancient Narikala fortress, from which you can see an amazing panoramic view of the city and the botanical garden. Then we will walk to the area of famous Tbilisi baths and a canyon with a waterfall, and after we will see the colorful side streets of the old city. We will visit the most ancient temples of the city: Sioni and Anchiskhati, then we’ll walk along the main street of the city – Rustaveli Avenue. If desired, we can visit the flea market, which is in the city center on the Dry Bridge.

For lunch and dinner we will take you to the best Georgian restaurants, where you can taste the most delicious variations of traditional dishes.

The next day we will go to a culinary master class where under the guidance of a professional chef, you will learn how to cook the most famous Georgian dishes: khinkali, different types of pkhalis and chakapuli. You can also learn how to bake a khachapuri. In the afternoon we will go to Pasanauri, where the best khinkali in this country is cooked in a small roadside cafe. On our way we will pass the picturesque Zhinvali water reservoir and the ancient Ananuri fortress.

Our journey won’t be complete, if we don’t visit Kakheti – the region of Georgia that is full of wine. We will start from the city of love Sighnaghi, where we will rise to the fortress wall where you can see a breathtaking view of the Alazani Valley. Then we will reach Bodbe monastery, where St. Nino, who brought Christianity to the territory of Georgia is buried. There also are holy springs and healing baths. Then we will go to have lunch at Saperavi restaurant, which is located in Kvareli mountains on the territory of the comple, which was built around the largest wine storehouse in the country – the Gvirabi tunnel. From the terraces of the restaurant you can enjoy a wonderful view of the vineyards that delineate the valley into neat squares.

Afterwards, we will explore the ancient and very important for the history of Georgia monasteries Gremi and Nekresi and stay in Kakheti for the night.

In the morning we will go to the Tsinandali village, where we’ll visit the museum-estate of Alexander Chavchavadze. He was the first person in Georgia, who started production of wine on European technology.

Then we’ll drive to Ikalto. The famous politician and poet of the times of Queen Tamara Shota Rustaveli was educated at the academy, a part of which still remains here. We’ll have lunch at Chateau Mere, where in a cozy atmosphere you will taste traditional Kakhetian meat dishes. After the lunch you’ll enjoy a fascinating view of the largest monastery in Georgia, Alaverdi. Then we will return to Tbilisi. In the evening you will have leisure time or a cultural program, which depends on your wishes and events in the city.

The next morning we will leave for Kutaisi and see the old city. After tasting traditional Imeretian khachapuri we will visit the unique caves of Prometheus. Then we’ll reach Zugdidi, the central city of Samegrelo and have a rest in this region, which has its own special kitchen.

In the morning we will go to Nokalakevi, where are the remains of one of the oldest cities of Europe. Some scientists say this city was the capital of the legendary Colchis kingdom, where the Argonauts went for the Golden Fleece. For lunch we will go to a small restaurant where you can taste dishes that are cooked according to traditional home recipes that come from generation to generation for many years. After a short walk we will return to Tbilisi, and the next day you will be able to return home.

Program of the trip 8 days / 7 nights

1 day
Arrival in Tbilisi, transfer from the airport to the hotel, accommodation, leisure time.
2 day
Walk tour around Tbilisi (4-5 hours). Overnight at hotel in Tbilisi. You’ll spend the night at the hotel in Tbilisi.
3 day
Culinary master class in Tbilisi. Drive to Pasanauri for a tasting of khinkali.
4 day
Transfer to Kakheti. Sightseeing tour in Sighnaghi. Lunch in Kvareli. You’ll spend the night at the hotel in Kvareli.
5 day
Breakfast at the hotel. A trip to Tsinandali. Lunch at Chateau Mere. Visit to Alaverdi monastery. Moving to Tbilisi.
6 day
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Kutaisi. Journey around Imereti.
7 day
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Samegrelo. Journey around Samegrelo. Moving to Tbilisi.
8 day
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Tbilisi airport.
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