Georgia Grand Wine Tour

Day of wine

Georgia and its history are strongly associated with wine. If you like this noble drink the way Georgians do, then we invite you to travel to Kakheti, the region of wine.

We promise that in addition to wine you will be able to see beautiful corners of Georgian nature and architecture, as well as learn the most interesting stories and legends related to those wineries where we will go.

We will begin our journey at  the winery «Tears of Pheasant», which is located near Sighnaghi, the city of love. Here the wine is produced from nine sorts of grapes. We’ll know the difference between taste of the wine prepared according to ancient Georgian technology Kvevri and taste of European class of wine. Kvevri is a dug in the ground clay jar. The hosts will also tell why they do not like to keep wine in oak barrels.

Then we will go to the longest tunnel in the country (7 km).  About 25,000 bottles of Khareba wine are stored I that tunnel. Here you will learn all about the traditions of winemaking, taste drinks and dine with traditional dishes of Kakhetian cuisine. By the way, in Kakheti you can taste the best traditional barbecue!

After lunch we will go to the corporation of Kindzmarauli. Here they produce the most famous sweet Georgian wine. Guests can visit the cellar and museum, and also buy wine. Of course, there will be a wine tasting, so get ready!

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