Racha is the real Georgian «Switzerland». This region unites Imereti mountains, picturesque lakes and rivers. Racha also preserves the ancient architectural monuments. Not all guests know about this region and often prefer to travel to Svaneti. But Racha has a special climate, landscapes and unique variety of Hvanchakara grape. Racha is divided into upper and lower, and each corner has its own characteristics. For example, there is a very popular legend that Queen Tamara spent her childhood in Mindatsikhe fortress (XVIII century), which is in Tsesi village. Historians do not confirm this legend.


Living conditions in this region are simple: several guesthouses and hotels. Many guests prefer to fully enjoy nature and live in tents in a special campsite. You decide!


The most important reason to visit Racha is its nature and clean air. Of course, tasting the real rare wine Khvanchkara  can also seduce some travelers, but not all of them. But on official maps you can continue the routes and see more than 40 temples and monasteries, although in reality there are many more. The most famous are Nikortsminda cathedral, Barakoni church, the monastery in Udabno and the synagogue in Oni.

Travel with Marko Polo and enjoy an unforgettable trip to Racha for two days!

Program of the trip

Day 1
Departure from Tbilisi to Kutaisi. Lunch. Moving to Racha. Travel around the region. Free time. Dinner.
Day 2
Breakfast. A trip to Khvanchakara, Nine Crosses Pass, Shkmeri village. Outdoor lunch. Moving to Kutaisi. Dinner. Return to Tbilisi or continue the journey to Imeretia (optional).

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