Svaneti is such a beautiful mountainous region that we are sure, it is said about it: “only mountains can be better than mountains”. Svaneti mountains. Georgians themselves, and the guests of this hospitable country both dream of coming here. They come here all year round. In winter, the ski resort of Mestia welcomes lovers of difficult trails, and in the summer there is no more attractive place to escape from the heat. Svaneti is created to feel the real magic of the high mountains and falls in love with nature.


Just want to note that the living conditions in this region are the simplest: several guesthouses and hotels. Many guests prefer to fully enjoy nature and live in tents in a special camping. You decide!


Svaneti is called “The Land of a Thousand Towers”. The proud svans built high towers at their houses, which are well preserved today. For example, several dozen real medieval stone houses with guard towers and residential towers, as well as ancient churches (X-XIV centuries) are preserved In the center of Svaneti – Mestia. The unique architecture of Mestia is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Ushguli village is the most high-mountainous permanently inhabited village in Europe, one of the most favorite places for travelers in Svaneti. Ushguli is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the well-preserved medieval architecture.

It is necessary to ride a horse or go trekking along mountain trails between the communities in Svaneti. Each community has its own characteristics: from ancient churches to the towers of love.

Come with Be My Guest and plunge into an unforgettable trip to Svaneti for four days!

Program of the trip

Day 1
Departure from Tbilisi to Mestia. Lunch on the way. Leisure time. Dinner.

Day 2
Breakfast. Journey to the foot of Shkhara (walking or horse riding). Dinner. Survey of the environs of Ushguli: the towers of Queen Tamara, Lamaria – the Church of the Virgin Mary, the ethnographic museum of Ushguli. Return to Mestia. Dinner.

Day 3
Breakfast. Horseback riding and hiking in the vicinity of Upper Svaneti. Fishing and lunch in nature.

Day 4
Breakfast. Return to Tbilisi or, if desired, transfer to Batumi.

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