Tusheti is an incredible combination of beauty and danger. One of the most picturesque and inaccessible areas of Georgia can be visited from July 1 to September, when the road is officially opened. The way to Tusheti is in the list of the most dangerous roads of Georgia. In the rest of the year, Tushetia is cut off from the world, and the residents, mainly, move to Kakheti. This does not prevent thousands of tourists from tickling their nerves every year. Why do they do it? Because there are unusually beautiful mountain landscapes, untouched nature, narrow mountain paths and picturesque steep precipices. In Tusheti you will be left alone with nature and you will be able to feel the thin membrane between Christian and pagan culture, and forget about civilization for a while. There is almost no phone communication and you can feel yourself in Caucasian Middle Ages.

But if you do not like extreme travel, Marko Polo organizes a safe flight by helicopter. This is quite possible, just like in movie «Mimino». Maybe you have already seen Tushetia in this film, because the famous pilot Valiko Mizandari (Mimino) was from Tusheti, and the movie was shoot here. Now you know why this region is submitted for inclusion into the UNESCO World 


Just want to note that the living conditions in this region are the simplest: several guesthouses, a couple of hotels. It is much more interesting to live with a real family. Although if you decide to use air transport, then in the evening you can return to Tbilisi or to another city.


Guests come to Tusheti to separate from civilization to see the mountains and ancient towers («koshki» in Georgian). Ancient buildings are mostly located in the townships Omalo and Dartlo, but there are also other places. There is also a national park in Tusheti, where it is still possible to meet rare Caucasian animals and plants.

Here you can taste a unique sort of beer, that is made only in Tusheti because of special climate. If you like beer, do not miss the chance to try it! Also, buy a rare sort of cheese dambalkhacho. UNESCO has already included the technology of this cheese into the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

A special holiday in Tusheti is called Atenigenoba in honour of the monk-martyr Athenogen Sebastian. The holiday is held 100 days after Easter with sacrifices of rams, competitions in strength, speed and the skill to ride a horse. People sing and feast for two weeks.

You have to know that Tusheti is a very strict and patriarchal region. Women are still not allowed here in the church or the local sanctuary «nishi», and also do not participate in religious rituals.

Program of the trip
Day 1
Departure from Tbilisi to Kakheti through the Gombori pass towards Alaverdi monastery. A trip to Tusheti through the Abano pass with a stop at the sulfur springs. Arrival in the village Omalo, accommodation. Leisure time and departure in the direction of Shenako, Diklo.
Day 2
Breakfast. Departure to mountain villages with ancient towers. Lunch in Dartlo. Travel around the region. Return to Omalo. Dinner. Leisure time.
Day 3
Breakfast. Journey to the gorge of Gometsari, Bochori. Outdoor lunch.
Day 4
Breakfast. Leisure time or riding a horse. After lunch, return to Tbilisi or stop in Kakheti.

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