Borjomi is a balneological resort located in the gorge of the Kura River at an altitude of 810-850 m above sea level. The resort is well-known for its coniferous and deciduous forests and, most importantly, therapeutic, mineral and thermal waters. The mineral waters of the Borjomi resort are known all over the world for their unique set of microelements: chlorine, iodine, bromine, lithium, barium and even boric acid.

Archaeologists are sure that Borjomi water was first used for treatment 2,000 years ago. The legend says the name of the resort came from the words «borzh» – the fortress wall, and «omi» – war. That’s because Borjomi canyon is surrounded on all sides by mountains as a fortress.


The resort has more than 25 hotels of different classification. There are SPA centers and medical centers with health and rejuvenating programs of European level. A special feature of Borjomi SPAs is the procedures with mineral water. Guests can enjoy the baths, make irrigation or inhalation. International hotel chains offer a full range of physiotherapy procedures, external procedures using Borjomi mineral water, various types of baths and massages. The best hotels offer not only a medical base, but also entertainment for adults and children, restaurants with Georgian and European cuisine, local cinemas, karaoke and concerts.


There are more than 200 historical monuments in Borjomi: fortresses, churches, monasteries. The beautiful Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park covers more than 1% of the entire territory of Georgia. There are walking tours and horseback ridings of varying degrees of complexity in the park. Guests can use the sports grounds (volleyball, basketball), do archery, play darts, try rafting along the mountain river.

One of the most popular routes is a mini-trip on the «Cuckoo» – a narrow-gauge railway that connects Borjomi with another resort of Bakuriani. The road passes through the forest where guests fall into a real fairy tale! And the railway bridge on the river Tsemistskali was designed by the designer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, the creator of the Eiffel Tower.

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