Tskhaltubo is a balneological resort located near the Kutaisi and the natural parks of Sataplia and Prometheus Caves in the valley of the Tskhaltubo River.

In Tskhaltubo for treatment are used methods with mineral water and a special feature – mineral flow baths, which are especially good with underwater massage. Karst caves are used for treatment of respiratory diseases. Tskhaltubo is not suitable for some patients because of radon gas which is used for treatment.

It is believed that Tskhaltubo is the most ancient Georgian resort. Bathhouses that used sources of warm underground water were described in the 1240s of our era. The name is translated from the Georgian language as warm water. According to legend, the history of this magical place began simply: one shepherd put his sick legs into the spring and was healed. Rumor quickly reached the queen of Georgia, which also was healed due to the Tskhaltubo water.


The resort has several hotels of different classification. Most of them are located on the basis of Soviet sanatoriums, which affects the best way on these objects. Modern medical programs are an excellent addition to a comfortable accomodation.

The best hotels offer not only a medical base, but also entertainment for adults and children, restaurants with Georgian and European cuisine, excursions.


The only sight of Tskhaltubo is a huge park, which is located right in the center of the city. But as soon as you cross the city borders, you can choose where to go: to look for dinosaur tracks in the reserve Sataplia, go down to admire the oldest stalagmites and stalactites in the Prometheus Caves or explore the remains of the ancient royal palace Geghouti.

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